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Water Damaged Wall Repair Boca Raton
Let our professionals from Altair Mold Testing and Remediation take on your water damaged wall repair in Boca Raton- we have the tools, equipment, and know-how to restore wallboard and structural components of your building after standing water or moisture damage. Rely on us for mold remediation, also. Water Damaged Wall Repair Boca Raton

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Our professional services include: Environmental Assessments; Design and Mitigation Planning, Federal, Provincial and Municipal Permitting and Compliance Management. Our professional team includes; Environmental and Regulatory Experts; Land Use/Mitigation Planners; Biologists, Soil Scientists and Land Reclamation Planners, Agrologists; Foresters; Stakeholder Consultation Experts and GIS Technicians.

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Glass replacement is not always the best solution to the problem of damaged glass- scratched glass repair is affordable and easy when you contact Unscratch the Surface. We offer a broad range of repair services, from glass graffiti removal to classic car glass repair and welding damage repair. Call our pros for more information. Unscratch The Surface Inc.